Tethered caps: future-proof closure integrity

Tethered caps will become mandatory throughout the EU in just over three years time. You should be prepared for this – with the right know-how and the corresponding technologies for a detailed all-around closure inspection from HEUFT.

This will be valid as from July 2024: from then onwards disposable PET bottles will have to be equipped with special closures which cannot simply be unscrewed but remain firmly and permanently attached to them. The EU Directive 2019/904 which comes into force then stipulates this. Its goal is a significant reduction in plastic waste in the environment particularly in the world’s oceans. Bottlers are faced with a huge challenge regarding this requirement which affects all containers with a volume of up to three litres.

This not only involves the selection of the right type of such firmly attached plastic closures (tethered caps) and the necessary adaptation of the filler / closer technology along the PET bottle filling line. The subject of in-line closure inspection requires preparation that is at least as good.

Error-free tethered caps and full productivity

Otherwise there is a risk that faulty closures are not detected and the bottles in question are not rejected especially in the high-speed section of non-returnable PET lines. Or an excessive false rejection rate impairs the productivity of the complete equipment.

Therefore HEUFT has been working on the subject of tethered caps for a long time now: specific requirements have been adapted, suitable solutions developed and already tested thoroughly for their suitability in everyday filling situations in close cooperation with customers and partners. We would be pleased to support you right now in making your closure integrity future-proof all-around! Together with you we will work out the optimal solution from the first consultation until the final integration of the right technology for a tethered cap inspection on your premises. You will then be perfectly prepared when the new directive comes into force in just over three years.



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