The importance of plastic in the automobile industry

The automobile industry was revolutionised with the help of the plastics industry. When it comes to cars, balance, high material performance, competitive pricing, style, comfort, safety, fuel efficiency, and minimal environmental impact are essential. This is where plastic comes in.

Innovative plastics have become a key contributor to the automobile industry due to the fact that plastic components weigh 50% less than similar components made from other materials contributing to a 25 to 35% improvement in fuel economy. The plastic used in cars means that for every kilo lost, your car will emit 20 kilos less carbon dioxide over its operating life. Plastics also offer lightweight solutions which fulfil essential safety requirements.

Advantages of plastic in cars include:

  • Energy absorption
  • Weight reduction which improves fuel efficiency
  • Cuts down on car emissions
  • Innovative designs
  • Improved passenger safety
  • Shock absorption for bumpers
  • Suppression of explosion risks in fuel tanks

The plastic used in automobiles are often not where one would automatically think of. Plastic is used to make seat belts, airbags as well as other safety accessories like durable plastic safety seats. Because of its application in accessories and features like the above, plastic is considered the safest material for automotive applications.

As well as its safety, plastic is used to manufacture parts of cars due to the lower manufacturing costs that come with it. Single mould components have allowed car manufacturers to decrease assembly time as well as to introduce design innovations at a decreased cost. The fact that plastic can be moulded more easily, allowing components to be tailored for more comfortable human-ergonomic features. It also allows for more streamlined and aerodynamic shapes to be made. As less material can be used compared to if steel was used for components, plastics ensure a longer and more reliable vehicle lifetime.

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