The use of plastic in agriculture

For years, the agricultural industry has utilised plastic to help increase crop production, improve crop quality and reduce their ecological footprint of their agricultural activity. With the application of plastics in this industry, vegetables and fruits can be grown year-round. These vegetables and fruit that are grown where plastic is used are usually of better quality than those grown on an open field.

By using different plastics in agriculture a way paved for innovative and sustainable solutions. By using plastic in agricultural practices, water is saved, wastage of nutrients is reduced, rainwater can be retained, and the use of pesticides can be reduced.

The following agriculture solutions have been made possible due to plastic:

Greenhouses / tunnels

Greenhouses and tunnels are structures that are specifically designed to house plants that need protection from the weather. These structures are almost the equivalent of an ICU for plants. Greenhouses and tunnels help to expose plants to sunlight and allow them to grow in ideal conditions while being protected from unfavourable weather conditions.

Irrigation systems and reservoirs

Irrigation systems and reservoirs are essential to the contribution to water management. To avoid water wastage, dams can be covered with plastic to avoid leaking. The water stored in the dam can then be distributed through pipes and irrigation systems for water circulations.


Silos were developed to store animal feed and straw during winter in an airtight container. Plastic films used to store silage are resistant means that the grain and straw can be store for years.

Other plastic applications in agriculture include:

  • boxes and crates for crop collecting, handling and transport
  • fittings, spray cones and other components of irrigation systems
  • tapes that hep hold the aerial parts of plants in the greenhouse
  • shade nets

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