Why are foreign object detection solutions a necessity?

The risk of food, beverages or pharmaceutical products being contaminated by things such as glass splinters and other foreign objects must not be underestimated. The consequences of a contaminant being detected can be far-reaching. But a contaminant being detected and the subsequent consequences can all be easily avoided using object detection solutions like the Heuft eXaminer II XOS.

The consequences of not having an object detection solution.

  • Product recall
  • Costs of a product recall
  • Potential fine from retailers
  • Customer irritation (can lead to adverse social media press)
  • Possible damage to company image

Advantages of using the Heuft eXaminer II XOS for foreign object detection.

  • Detection reliability due to the unique combination of optical and radiometric technology
  • Pulsed x-ray technology allows for clear pictures with no motion blurs and with minimum radiation exposure
  • Continuous complete inspections due to servo-controlled container alignment
  • Minimum false rejection rate
  • Up to 72,000 containers examined per hour

What components makes up the Heuft eXaminer II XOS?

For the Heuft eXaminer II XOS to function to the best of its ability, it relies on the combined function of differentcomonents.


This highly automated, universal and powerful piece of equipment is responsible for the optimum detection and operational reliability during the in-line quality assurance to ensure the product quality and line efficiency is up to standard.

HEUFT reflexx²

This software and hardware are used to convert the images of individual cameras or x-ray units into resolution. Therefore allowing for detection of foreign objects in real-time. The HEUFT reflexx² carries out not only specific detection of the most varied objects but also their individual classification. This is done using up to 50 characteristics like texture, size and shape. Therefore, only products that have to be removed are rejected. This results in the reduction of the false rejection rate.


The HEUFT NaVi is easy to understand and supports the user step by step. The RFID login with user-related access rights provides an overview and only shows the user what they need. With this interface, the user can access a flat menu structure, integrated tutorials and precise auxiliary tools to ensure the user’s job can be done optimally. Throughout the navigating of the interface, the user is supported by a virtual assistant to explain what do to, when and where.

HEUFT checkPoints

On the rare occasions where manual intervention is needed, the user will be able to cope due to the eye-catching HEUFT checkpoints, which make it clear, with just a glance, what needs to be handled. This saves time and human resources as the problem is located without having to conduct a lengthy search.

Network technologies

The HEUFT systems have network interfaces in order to connect to the internet along with a database interface which, increases efficiency as well as optimum quality management. These databases make data about production, shift records, productivity faults and HACCP limit value analyses available via the network. This helps with early detection of quality and efficiency problems.

HEUFT CleanDesign

Slopped surfaces facilitate cleaning and prevent dirt from accumulating. Special channels and openings allow for cleaning liquids to be drained off. Therefore disinfecting the machinery and ensuring dangerous germs and bacteria have no surface contact.

HEUFT rejector

The name says it all. The HEUFT rejector is designed for the reliable rejection of faulty products. The rejector is made up of the HEUFT pusher, HEUFT mono, HEUFT e-mono and the HEUFT flip.



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