Your guide to Frigel’s Process-Synchronised Cooling

Frigel, a pioneer intelligent cooling technology, has put together a process-synchronised cooling system, the Ecodry System. This innovation is used for the production of injection moulded, blown and extruded technical products. This integrated system has been designed to increase productivity as well as be cost-effective and reduce environmental impact. The integrated system is made up of six different systems:

EcoDry 3DK

This patented centralised closed-circuit adiabatic cooler is used to replace evaporative cooling towers. The Ecodry 3DK is installed outside of the system and extracts heat from the process. This allows for better cooling performance with increases transfer efficiency, outstanding operating cost saving and new standards in terms of environmental impact. This adiabatic cooling system operates with minimum water consumption and maintenance, even in extreme weather conditions.

Microgel for injection moulding

This is a super-compact moulding cooling unit designed for ‘cycle cooling time reduction’. The system combines a water-cooled chiller with one or two high-flow booster pump temperature controllers with heating elements and a free-cooling valve.  The system is digitally synchronised to allow for research and recording of the best settings of flow rate and temperature, therefore, optimising cooling time and product quality. The Microgel for injection moulding system results in a cycle time reduction of up to 50%.


With all the benefits of a Microgel without the chiller portion. Designed for processes that require cooling at atmospheric or higher temperatures. Turbogel is also a mould cooling unit with one or two high flow booster pump temperature controllers that are specifically designed for a reduction in cycle time. This system also helps to increase the quality of moulded parts. Much like the Microgel system, the Trubogel system is digitally-synchronised to allow for research and recording of the best settings of cooling parameters and sequence of heating and/or cooling to optimise product quality and cycle time.

Thermogel Heat&Cool 180

This system is made up of temperature control units, with two separate circuits, for alternating heating and cooling. It was specifically designed to be synchronised with the moulding cycle. The cavity mould in the unit is pre-heated with a hot water circuit of up to 180°C. Alternatively, it supplier cold water from the second circuit according to the moulding phases. This process helps to reduce the effect of welding lines and improves the surface properties and anti-reflective coating of the products.

Thermogel Heat&Cool is a temperature control unit with two separate circuits (hot and cold) designed to be synchronised with the moulding cycle. The unit pre-heats the cavity mould with a hot water circuit up to 180°C or supplies cold water from the other circuit according to the moulding phases.

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