Your guide to Heuft PRIME

Inspecting the fill level, checking the presence, position and tightness of closures, detecting unlabelled containers is essential for all pharmaceutical, cosmetic and care products. It is for this reason; the Heuft PRIME is a popular choice for many manufacturers. This is because the compact full product check combines different detection technologies with a high degree of automation. The Heuft PRIME detects serial faults and consistently rejects any faulty products.

Fill level detection

The Heuft PRIME checks the precise filling quantity of transparent pharmaceutical primary packaging with infrared technology. X-ray technology is used to determine the exact filling quantity in cases where the primary packaging material is opaque.

Closure detection

Closure faults are identified by checking the presence and position with sensor and optical technologies. This checks to see if there are any missing closure or closure elements that are too high. It also draws conclusions about the internal pressure and consequently, the tightness of the containers.

Label check

The Heuft PRIME check to see if there are any labels missing by means of special sensors. Therefore it is able to detect immediately which labels are missing.

Serial fault detection

Serials faults can cause big problems for manufactures. Therefore the Heuft PRIME prevents faults from becoming serial faults which will impair the productivity of the complete filling and packaging line. It also notices recurring closure and labelling faults to prevent these from going into production.

Fault rejection

This function ensures that any and all defective containers are removed from the production line.

Product monitoring and self-tests

Each product is tracked to ensure that none go uninspected. The integrated reject verification checks that each faulty product is really removed. Standard test programs guarantee a regular examination of the detection performance to ensure that no faulty products make it out of the factory.

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