Your guide to the HEUFT TORNADO S

The HEUFT TORNADO S is used to apply self-adhesive labels perfectly. This includes body, collar, back and neck ring labels. This self-adhesive labeller was specifically designed for an output of up to 600 containers per hour.

The benefits of utilising this solution include an easy to clean construction, long-lasting, almost maintenance-free components as well as the fact that it is easy to operate and is incredibly precise.

The functions of the HEUFT TORNADO S include:

Self-adhesive labelling

Containers are fed into the machine in single file. An infeed worm ensures that the correct distance between containers is maintained. An infeed wheel then transfers the containers to the machine carousel. The labels are then applied here. They are peeled off the dispensing plate and placed precisely on the container.

Label check

Once the labels have been applied, the HEUFT TORNADO S checks the labels have been placed correctly. This is done using sensors.

Central lubrication

The integrated central lubrication system dispenses the correct amount of grease to the moving parts of the HEUFT TORNADO S to ensure the machine always functions at an optimal level. This contributes to the durability of all the components of the machine.

Fault rejection

This part of the system detects faults and then removes the defective products. The single-segment and multi-segment rejection systems of the HEUFT rejector series deal with this, to ensure only containers of the highest quality make it to stores.

Advantages of the HEUFT TORNADO S:

  • Highly precise
  • Sustainable quality assurance
  • Centralised lubrication
  • Robust
  • Hard-wearing
  • Durable
  • Hygiene optimised
  • Easy brand changes
  • Minimum noise
  • Simple integration
  • Online connection for remote maintenance and production data acquisition

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