Insights from Plastic & Chemical Trading at Propak Cape

The vibrant atmosphere of Propak Cape 2023 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) not only showcased the picturesque surroundings but also became a stage for industry players to unveil cutting-edge technologies and engage in strategic partnerships. In the midst of this dynamic event, our company seized the opportunity to present our latest innovations in injection molding, automation, and thermoforming.

In this blog post, we delve into the highlights of our participation, exploring the show’s impact on our business, the noteworthy products and services we unveiled, and the meaningful connections we forged. Join us with a Q and A on the recap of Propak Cape 2023, where success unfolded against the backdrop of collaboration and innovation.

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Q: Your general thoughts/impressions of this year’s Propak Cape?

Apart from the beautiful surroundings and the excellent facility that the CTICC which meant is was a pleasure to be part of the exhibition.  I thought the show was a success for us.

Q: From a business perspective, was it a successful show for your company?

We had a specific purpose to showcase the packaging specific technology offerings from Injection moulding (KraussMaffei) Automation, Thermoforming (Kiefel) and quality inspection (Heuft). We know who our customers should be and who our partners should be and we felt that we needed these people to see us at a high profile show like this. I thought we achieved that. Nearly everyone we wanted to see turned up so we could reinforce what we are trying to do. The quality of participants did not disappoint.

Q: What innovations/products/services did you present at Propak Cape?

We showed on the booth a Heuft Spectrum II FFBI which was already sold to ABInbev. The unit is unique in that in one devise we provide all the end of line quality checks, perfect label, perfect filling, date code, perfect closure and leak detection efficiently in one machine.

We also demonstrated our Automation capability which extends beyond injection moulding. Our team playfully made from the Sepro Robot an automated Bar maid. With support and sponsorship from Devils Peak who are an important customer we were able to achieve a cool solution. At the push of a button, you would then watch the robot pick a cup out of the tray and moving I to a filling station and once filled serve it the customer. No, we are not developing this as a solution for stadiums, but the idea was kicked around by many a casual passerby.

We have recently become agents for Kiefel, marking a significant stride towards becoming a formidable presence in the Southern African Thermoforming market. The machines we offer are state-of-the-art, providing both excellence in technology and an attractive price point, as they are manufactured in China.

Furthermore, our booth layout and design were carefully crafted with the intention of showcasing our commitment to being a technical service partner to the industry. We aimed to convey not just our product offerings but also our dedication to providing comprehensive

As we reflect on the success achieved, we look forward to leveraging this momentum for continued growth and excellence in the dynamic realm of plastic and chemical trading.

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