Plastic and Chemical Trading attends its 10th KShow

The Kshow is an international exhibition that is positioned as the world’s no.1 trade fair for plastics and rubber. In October 2022, Plastic and Chemical Trading attended their 10th Kshow in Dusseldorf, Germany, sending a sales and a technical team. Kate Kleingeld, extrusion sales engineer for Plastic and Chemical Trading, attended her 1st Kshow and in a Q&A conversation Kate details the experience and the benefits of the Kshow.

  1. How satisfied are you with the K2022 trade show?

I’m delighted with the show.

  1. What was your favourite experience at the K2022?

Having the opportunity to meet my colleagues from the different suppliers I’ve been working with virtually over the last year. Building relationships with suppliers worldwide and learning more about their individual and organisational goals gives me a better impression of the organisations and individuals we work with. These interactions also solidified my understanding of what our different partners offer and where they could be valuable to the African extrusion industry.

  1. Did the trade show meet your expectations?

I was quite specific about not having expectations for the show. I had discussions before the show with my colleagues and their previous experiences were spot on regarding the size and overload of information to take in.

  1. Would you attend the exhibition again in the future and why?

I would definitely! The relationships built with suppliers and the potential projects discovered at the show were incredible, and I don’t think there’s a greater opportunity for these interactions than the show.

  1. Did you form any partnerships with other companies in the same industries?

We met a couple of potential suppliers at the show that we found valuable for the African market. Building these partnerships does take time. However, it’s important for us to ensure that the supplier is suitable for our market and that we can do their business justice through marketing, client interactions and support.

  1. How beneficial was the exhibition to Plastic&Chemical Trading?

Extremely! We met several customers from all over Africa with ambitious projects that could make a significant difference in the industry. From producing high-quality compounds in South Africa that would no longer need to be imported to large recyclers that wish to expand and improve their processes.

  1. How satisfied were you with the networking opportunities provided?

It was wonderful to meet the amazing team from Krauss Maffei, IPM, ITIB and many other suppliers. Another highlight was meeting some of the biggest converters from Africa and South Africa, learning about their daily operations and current challenges.

  1. Based on your experience would you encourage customers to attend the show?

The show is a great opportunity for customers to meet with suppliers from all around the world offering different equipment for different products. The last few years hasn’t had the same opportunity for travelling as before and the show is a great way to meet the best suppliers all in one place.

I do recommend having a list of suppliers to see as the show can be overwhelming with many attractive booths that may distract you from your intentions and quickly eat at your time. And of course, we’re always happy to meet any customers that we could support in their projects

“Let’s create a more sustainable relationship with plastic because plastic is here to stay. “

-Kate Kleingeld

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